Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Choosing the Best from among Hebei Medical University & Beihua Medical University

China has become a prominent choice for students not only in India but also across the world to obtain a quality medical education abroad. About 10,000 students enroll themselves in different universities of China for the same course every year just because its degree holds worldwide recognition. Moreover, the students also get an exposure towards international outlook and outstanding career prospects.

Above all, studying MBBS in China will also give you best value in terms of cost and time as compared to any other country. However, with so many top-ranked medical universities available in China, you may face difficulty in making a selection. Here is a detailed comparison of top two Chinese universities that could help you build a successful career in the healthcare field.

This is one of the oldest medical institution in China dating its establishment in the year 1894. It opens a diverse and successful opportunity for international students to explore including major departments like –
  •          Research institute for Orthopedics
  •          Research institute for nerve hygiene and clinic medicine
  •          Stomatology
  •          Research institute for digestive system

Beihua medical university

The top ranked university in the Fengman region, Beihua medical university holds a suave reputation for its competent training of personnel and high-end scientific research. It offers a full-time MBBS program of 6 years to the aspiring students of India.

Both the universities have their own significant importance. Depending on your respective capabilities and budget constraints, you can select any of these two. On a positive note, you can expect a proliferating career ahead in the healthcare industry once you complete from any of these revered educational institutes.

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